• design

    Creative Web Design

    Our dynamic and creative graphic designers have the ability and know-how, to transform your vision into reality. Look no further than RAM Designs for all your integrated design needs. From websites, print materials and more.

  • web-development

    Web Development

    We specialize in all major programming languages such as PHP and ASP.NET. Having built 1000s of shopping carts, CMS, CRM software and more, you can be sure to rely on RAM Designs to guide and develop any application you need.

  • online-marketing

    Online Marketing

    From SEO, PPC campaign management and social media marketing, our marketing gurus will deliver everything you need for a strong online presence. Our primary focus is a strong return on your investment and utilizing ethical methods.

Web Design and Development

If you want to succeed in today's digitally-focused business world, you need to not just be online, but be noticed online. The competition is fierce, and RAM Designs will get results for you with a high-traffic website foundation.

Indianapolis based RAM Designs leads the field as a results-driven, interactive online media-based solution provider. Our talented staff, with their years of experience and knowledge, will be at your side from the first consultation to the launch and beyond; designers and developers and marketing experts, all there to transform your website from workaday to wow. Contact us now and we'll tell you how.

We offer a full suite of media and website solutions, including optimization, tracking and metrics. You won't be left out of the loop, though; we'll consult with you, get your input, determine your values and objectives, then train you on all your site's new features and reports. We'll take you through the process, not take it away from you.

At home right here in Indianapolis, we have extensive clientele, representing a variety of different industries. Because of this breadth of experience, we can finely customize the solutions that will work for you. We start at the top, with you, listening and keeping an open mind to get a clear and comprehensive view of what you want to accomplish, and then work our way down, covering every aspect of your business as a whole. This holistic approach assures that there are provisions for every possibility.

You don't need a flash-in-the-pan solution that only lasts until we're out the door, you need and want and deserve a long-term, sustainable platform from which to grow and thrive. Ram Designs is never totally "out the door". We're always available for you, to advise you, train, and upgrade and optimize again when the industry and internet change. By getting a solid foundation in the basics, you'll save costs over time, maximizing your profits and setting the stage for growth. Ram Designs constantly conducts broad market research to keep up with every nuance of change, every shift in marketing philosophy and technique, and then apply that knowledge to keep your business in the forefront of customers' attention.