Our Process

No business can survive, much less thrive, without a strong presence on the web. The companies that connect with, inform and entertain their customers are the ones that come out on top. Getting to that point is a little thornier. Templates abound for cookie-cutter websites, but if you use one of those, you know you have the same design as a few hundred other companies. That won't make your business stand out. You must factor in several things – what the site is intended to do, your client demographic, kind and quantity of content, what it looks like and what kind of reports you need. A bad site that does these things poorly is worse than no site at all. Choose a reliable company to work with you to develop a functional, effective website, a company like RAM Designs.

RAM Designs offers personalized, custom holistic service, from initial consultation to follow up support and tracking. It's a rigorous six-stage process that leads to a website that will find and keep customers for you, as well as ensuring that your site is adaptable to changes in technology in the future. Here are the steps we employ:

First, we talk to you – no one knows your business, its goals and vision, the way you do. We'll establish your specific needs, what functions you require for your product or service, who your customers are and what you believe they want from your website. RAM Designs analyzes the industry and marketplace in which you do business. Then we put it all together to review with you and make recommendations on the features and functions that may be helpful now and in the future.

Your website should be a seamless extension of your business. This will require information from you, so we'll want to ask a fair number of questions. This, plus the other research, will allow us to obtain a unique outlook on your organization, which then allows us to tailor your website precisely to your needs. We can offer a professional-looking, effective site that will remain viable and relevant no matter what changes future technologies may bring.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." – Benjamin Franklin

At RAM Designs, we believe Ben couldn't have been more right. In this phase, we'll take the requirements we learned from you about your business, align it with the demographic and metric information we've gathered and start to form a real, workable plan. We'll compare and contrast your product or service and your website with those of your nearest competitors to be certain that your website is both very relevant and unique in its field. This research also gives us a good idea of what won't work for you, so you don't waste time on trying things that aren't going to be productive.

All of this planning includes you, including now, when we start reviewing content on the site. It's important to us to create a site that is loaded with good information, but arranged and streamlined to prevent confusion. We keep you informed at every step so learning your own site is a seamless organic process, not something you have to do from scratch at the end.

Here's where you start to get a feel for, and have input into, how the finished site will look and function. What we've done so far influences heavily what happens now, and we'll make sure you're on the same page with us. The choices made now lay the keel for your entire online operation, to ensure a smooth and intuitive trip for your customers. We share with you what our experience has taught us with regards to processes and features, and integrate that experience with your wants and needs.

This is where we actually begin assembling your site, one that is lean, streamlined and relevant to your business and your customers. We'll analyze the overall look and feel of your site in terms of what it needs to do, and work with you to align with your expectations. If you have any artistic style preferences this would be the time to let us know.

Now you get a little break. The actual work of creation, mapping and coding begins and our staff is very proficient and experienced in the actual work of forming a site. You'll need things like an online checkout function or contact form, links, images-new, and menus. Your site will be easy for visitors to navigate, and stand out in very positive ways from those of your competitors. All the analytics you'll need to track your site will be built in now too, and we'll do the planning for future updates and adaptations. We will involve you in discussions of possible scenarios so your website is ready to work hard for you no matter what.

Website Launch
This is it! The moment you've been waiting for, when your website goes live to the public for the first time. We monitor every moment of the launch to catch and correct any bugs or problems immediately. We don't anticipate any problems because of all the planning, but we have plans in place in case anything does occur. Whatever happens, you'll get a full report so you'll know we're covering your reputation and needs. In addition, this is a good time for you to ask any remaining questions.

We don't leave you once your site is live. RAM Design believes follow up and maintenance are basic, must-do parts of our service. We make sure you have all the tools and information you need to do maintenance and upkeep yourself, and to clearly read and understand all site reports and metric data. More than just hit counters, we employ very sophisticated traffic-analysis methods and SEO. If done right, this will bring the most customers to your web portal "door." We'll also review with you ways to market your new site, on-line and off, to make sure it starts out with great exposure.

At the end of the day, it's about the process. Creating a working, growing, flexible website, friendly, attractive and beguiling to your customers and potential customers is an ongoing task that will require your full and open, honest participation and communication. In return, we will be completely transparent with you. We'll make sure we train you at your level of understanding, clearly, and make sure you understand all our recommendations and suggestions. All the steps we perform are necessary and feed into one another. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you don't skimp on the front window, because that represents you; it should be the same with your website. It represents you and your business and should be just as sharp-looking, accessible and practical as a physical storefront.

Contact RAM Designs today to get more details, discuss our process or get a quote. You'll wonder what took you so long.