Our Services

RAM Designs offers over 10 years of experience in developing and optimizing websites, implementing social media campaigns, and guiding business owners on how to use web tools and metrics to their best advantage. We provide a full menu of services to grow your business.

Web Development
Whether you have no website, a minimal template/generic site, or a custom site that hasn't kept up with a changing online landscape, we can get you up and running. We'll get your business noticed with innovative designs and custom architecture.

It really doesn't matter what your starting point is – tell us where you want to go. We'll listen closely, start from scratch if that's what's needed, until we fully understand what it will take to raise your business to the next level of success. New and not sure where to start? We'll help you solidify your image of your business to something others will recognize and seek. Established and feeling outdated? We can fix that too, with new, holistic strategies to bring your digital marketing up to date.

The entire point of having a business is to allow people to buy what you sell. To make that happen, we can provide tailor-made shopping carts to make buying both fun and safe. We'll look at the structure of your site, who visits, which specific pages get attention and in which order. All this will then factor into the final design.

We also have the technical ability to provide the most recent advances in programming, to make sure your site functions correctly on all platforms (mobile and desktop), and is easily updateable as the market and the device technology evolves.

Social Media and Online Marketing
Demographics, the study of human behavioral statistics, is fine and useful as far as it goes, but at RAM Designs we don't think most companies take it far enough. Customers aren't numbers; they're people, so you must take the next step and factor in their likes, dislikes, ideals, values and habits to make the numbers like how many and from where take three-dimensional shape into something you can really use.

Social media sites are blooming like mushrooms after the rain and we can gain traffic for you through all of them. We'll create social media profiles for you that are consistent with the image on your website, because consistency makes you memorable. Humans are visual creatures, so after they see your logo on Facebook, they'll recognize it on your website. A carefully-cultivated social media brand drives business to your website so you can close the deal. You cannot expect realistically to survive without strong social media marketing any more. It gives you a vital interactive connection to your customers, allowing you to see and respond to compliments and encourage referrals, and to address complaints quickly, before your business reputation takes a hit. RAM Designs also contributes sound search engine optimization (SEO) strategies including enhanced, relevant content, quality keywords and relevant backlinks to keep your website moving up in the search engine result rankings.

Reputation and Branding
In essence, your business is you, at least as far as the shopping public knows. If they're happy with the business, they're happy with you, which is what makes it so important to protect the image and reputation of your brand. RAM Designs does extensive and on-going research to measure the impact of your brand. We can track negative reviews online before they get out of control and suppress past negative posts. If we can't remove a bad review we can at least reduce the attention it receives. We also make sure you know what those reviews said – sometimes a negative review is a gift to let you know something needs fixing that you hadn't noticed.

You receive detailed reports on all the areas we measure, to address key concentration points and concerns. With this holistic approach, treating the whole business instead of just one or two areas, you'll be well-equipped to preview and plan for the future, a very prosperous future.

We don't leave you hanging. We'll be here 24/7 to help with any questions, concerns or problems that may arise. We've got your back.